Youth of the week

Looking forward to impacting the youth through the UMECHUKUA? Campaign and to work together in future campaigns!

What is your name?
My name is Omondi Obunga

What is your stage name?
Ohm Law Montana

What inspired your stage name?
I excelled well in high school more specifically in Physics and hence earned the name Ohms Law which I later adopted it as a pseudonym.

What do you do?
I am a recording and performing artist

Are you involved in any community project or social work?
I run a youth empowerment program called “Acha Gun Shika Mic”. A positive youth empowerment program, working with vulnerable young people in Mombasa county and now Kilifi county, by encouraging them to find their voice through rap and spoken word, enabling them to be agents of change in their communities.I also use my music and art for social impact.

Are you a registered voter?

Why are you choosing to vote?
It is my responsibility to vote. Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests.

Why do you think voting is important?
The law does not require citizens to vote, but voting is a very important part of any democracy. By voting, citizens are participating in the democratic process. The youth should vote so as to get represented the way they want in the government.

Any advice to the youth?
Think about the next generation, not the next election.

OF provides guidance and encourages youth to discover and develop their skills and knowledge by building on their character and competencies so as to boost their self-esteem.
OF assists them in actualizing their leadership qualities and utilizing their knowledge for advancing their lives through their talents.